Sialography is the imaging of the salivary glands, most commonly the parotid gland. The salivary ducts are conventionally examined fluoroscopically with high sensitivity, though cross-sectional imaging with CT or MR sialography has also been described.

Pre procedure

  • Interview patient for allergies and NBM
  • Advice patient to bring sour food such as pickles a.k.a “asam”
  • Prepared items need to be used during the procedure.
  • Prepare patient in patient attire
  • Position patient in supine position

During procedure

  • Monitor any allergies reaction
  • Monitor patient condition
  • Ready assist for doctor’s needs

Post procedure

  • Assess any post procedure allergies reaction
  • Advice patient to change to normal cloth
  • Assess patient if having any dizziness for post procedure


  1. Dx set a.k.a dressing set disposable x1
  2. Branula 22G x1
  3. Branula 24G x1
  4. Omnipaque 300 x1
  5. Syringe 1cc x1
  6. Rabinov sialography set x1
  7. Gauze x2 pack
  8. Local spray (from ENT clinic) 
  9. Disposable glove ( Doctors will do medical hand wash before wearing gloves.
  10. Alcohol swab x1
  11. Plaster (for secure the rabinov set)