Workflow For Outpatient Central Venogram

IR responsibilities :
  1. Received referral from outside centre.
  2.  Give the appointment date to the referral team.
  3. Explain the patient’s preparation to the referral team.
  4. Ask the patient to bring a physical referral letter on appointment day.
  5. Give the patient information and appointment date to angiographer on duty
Angiographer responsibilities:
  1. Received the information from IR.
  2. Key in the information in RIS Scheduler ( refer to the manual as attached).
Counter staff responsibilities:
  1. On appointment day, check the patient information in RIS Scheduler  by referring to the information in the referral letter.
  2.  Ask the patient to register SASMEC RN if necessary.
  3. Register the patient using their own RN.
  4. Scan the related document in RIS.
Medical Officer responsibility :
  1. Fill up the request form and give it to the registration counter.
Nurse responsibility :
  1. To prepare all the equipment needed in the procedure.
This new workflow is effective immediately (August 2023).
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