Outsource MRI Cases

In case of MRI breakdown,  kindly follow these SOP to outsource patient to other center/hospital. 2 types of SOP Urgent MRI selected by Radiologist Appointment cases that already be given but cannot proceed due to breakdown. The cases can’t be delayed. Urgent MRI request by primary team The urgent cases request by primary team. Must …

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MRI Cases From HTAA

Key notes: No pediatrics patient will be accepted No cases which need GA or sedation will be accepted. If patient is claustrophobia, the case will be cancelled. No cases which need comparison with old MRI or CT images will be accepted No urgent cases will be accepted Only cold cases will be accepted, unless MRI …

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MRI KIV List Workflow For Primary Team

Primary team responsibilities : To call MRI Suit at 9Am (Morning slot) & 2pm (Afternoon/Evening slot) Prepare the patient every day (Monday to Friday) : Morning slot- fasting start 12 am Afternoon slot-fasting start 9aam  

MRI KIV List Workflow For Radiology Team

Cases must be vetted and approved by Radiologist as semi-urgent/ KIV. Radiographer must give the earliest possible date before keep the form in KIV list folder. Radiology’s MO will discuss with Radiologist of the day either to proceed or not if there is slot on that day. KIV list is applicable for in patient only.

MRI GA Cases Updated (July 2023)

Discussion during admin meeting, had decided:  MRI slot for MRI under GA cases maintain on Thursday of 2nd and 4th week every month.   Primary team to mention “MRI under GA” in the radiology request form. Failure to do so will result in reappointment or cancellation of the case on the day of the procedure.  if the MRI …

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GA Time For MRI Cases

Update on GA Cases For MRI Cases ( 05/01/2021) Discussion between Department of Radiology & Department of Anesthesiology had decided : Thursday of Week 2 and Week 4 every month is dedicated day for GA cases. Anesthesiology team request 3 cases for short cases ( example: brain) and 2 cases for long cases ( example …

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