Criteria For Babygram

Below are the only situation when a babygram is allowed to be performed. 1) When the request form says “to check for long lines” (umbilical catheter placement which is inserted below the groin). Sebab ada ‘long lines’ yang di insert dari upper arms or neck, so this one NO NEED babygram. 2) When the request form says “to …

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Plain Radiographs Reporting

 All MMED students and radiology MO must report all plain radiographs. The rule is effective on   25/10/2021 -Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmad Razali-

Age for Pediatrics Patients From SC For Reporting Purposes

Paediatric age in Malaysia has been inconclusive and not standardised, but usually it is 17 or 18 yrs old. However FOR THE PURPOSE OF PLAIN FILM REPORTING OF PAEDIATRIC CASES FROM IIUM SPECIALIST CENTRE (SC), the department has previously agreed (on my request) to take the age of 12 years old as the cut off age. -Prof Azian 11/4/2022

Consent Form For CT Scan

Attention to all staff, Kindly aware of Consent Form: Radiological Procedure With Contrast Medium Injection (SASMEC-RAD-F001) As discussed during the admin meeting on 13/07/2023, the department had decided NO NEED consent form (not involved contrast, ONLY plain scanning) Example: CTKUB CT Brain Plain HRCT Thorax HRCT Temporal CT PNS STILL NEED consent form (involved with IV contrast, rectal contrast, …

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