Medical Health Assistant U-11 Job Scope

It was agreed that MHA will be under direct supervision of Sister/SN.

He is posted in the Ultrasound room unless being asked to assist other procedures elsewhere.

SN in-charge in ultrasound will be the immediate supervisor and should be aware of his whereabouts at any time.

Job Description for the post of Medical Health Assistant U-11 for Department of Radiology.

  1. To send any specimen (e.g. biopsy) from department to laboratory.
  2. To send or collect sterile items at CSSD everyday.
  3. To collect consumables and specialist items from the medical store.
  4. To collect PPE sets from the medical store every weekly.
  5. To do bed making and linen changing when necessary.
  6. To keep cleanliness at the workplace to avoid nosocomial infections. (e.g angio room)
  7. To assist doctors with any simple procedure like a chaperon for ultrasound cases.
  8. To maintain and assume overall responsibility of hygiene in the department.

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