Change in The Workflow of Histopathology/Cytology Request Forms Submission for FNAC and Biopsy Cases (March 2023)

Kindly be informed that Department of Radiology will be no longer be accepting and keeping the Histopathology/Cytology request form for any biopsy/FNAC cases.  This form must be given to the patient (for outpatient procedures) or brought by the primary team (for inpatient procedures).  This is to avoid any upcoming issues related to the form.

Further details of the form is as below:

Form Name        : Histopathology/Cytology Request Form

Ref. Number     : IIUM-IIUMMC-PATH-F006

Reasons for this:

As for your information, our department especially the appointment counter deals with loads of request forms daily. All of the original forms (radiology request form, consent form, allergy form and etc.) were scanned and saved in our Radiology Information System (RIS) for future references. The original forms are then been archived in our storage cabinets. Starting from that point of time, the workflow within the department only depends on the scanned online forms and paperless.

As for per current SOP, the primary team will send the Histopathology/Cytology request form together with radiology request form to our department for appointments. On the day of the event, the histopathology team required the original copy of the Histopathology/Cytology request form for their own workflow.  As all the forms had already been scanned and archived, the retrieving process of the original form is very hectic and time consuming for the radiology team. The printed scanned copy of scanned document was not accepted by histopathology team, in the event that the original forms cannot be retrieved.

Suggested new workflow:

Starting from today, for all outpatient procedures, the primary team must give the Histopathology/Cytology Request Form directly to the patient. The patient must keep the form and bring the form with him/her on the day of his/her appointment with radiology.  Department of Radiology will not accept the request form that is attached together with the Histopathology / Cytology request form, and will return them to the clinics or wards. If the patient turn up for the appointment without the Histopathology/Cytology request form, he/she need to get a new form filled from the clinic or ward.  Without the form, the patient will be reappointed to a new date.  This original is deemed compulsory by the histopathology team. This new workflow is applicable by both histopathology and cytology procedures.


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