Registration in RIS For Radiology Cases Done in CT Hybird, Angio Vascular & Endoscopy

Starting for today 5/7/2022, ALL imaging procedures done by using following modalities will  be register in RIS :
  1. CT Hybrid OT – CT2
  2. Angio Vascular (OT20) –XA3
  3. Endoscopy (Siemens Lumino Agile) –FL3
  4. Urology procedure done in Endoscopy Suite ( Siemens Uroscop Omnia)-FL2
No radiology request form is needed.
Step by step to register in RIS :
1) Radiographer on duty will contact staff counter to register the procedure.
2) Staff counter register & start the cases.
3) For reporting & performing radiologists, the cases will be registered as follows: 
  1. CT2 – Radiologist CT of the day
  2. XA3 – Radiologist IR of the day
  3. FL3 – Radiologist Fluoroscopy of the day
  4. FL2 – Radiologist Fluoroscopy of the day 
4) Radiographer retrieves the worklist from modalities & performs the procedure.
5) Radiographer sends the image to PACS and finishes the procedure.
In view of the above, here is the list of the procedures involved :
  1. RPG stenting
  2. Cystogram
  3. 2nd Look PCNL
  4. Cholangiogram
  5. ERCP
  6. Insertion of NJ Tube
  7. Change of Ureteric Stent
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