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Protocol Structure

00_Sinus_IGS (Adult)

  • Topogram
  • Sinus NC
  • Sinus IV

Positioning & Centering Point

Patient in supine position.

Lateral Beam at the level of Mid Coronal of the patient.

Vertical Beam at the level of Mid Sagittal of the patient.

Horizontal Beam at the level of frontal bone


Must cover frontal bone of skull to mid of mandible.

No gantry angulation (0 degree)

Non Contrast

  • Must cover from upper frontal sinus to end of maxillary sinus
  • Entire nose must in profile

Reconstruction Non Contrast

 Recon 1Recon 2Recon 3Recon 4
NameInnerEar 2.0 H60sInnerEar 0.6 H60sInnerEar 2.0 H30sInnerEar 0.6 H30s
Slice Thickness2.0mm0.6mm2.0mm0.6mm
KernelH60s sharp FRH60s sharp FRH30s medium smoothH30s medium smooth
WindowingInner EarInner EarLarynxLarynx

Injector Setting

Using bolus method (50ml contrast and 10ml normal saline)

Reconstruction Contrast

 Recon 1
Namei-Sequence 4.8 B31s
Slice Thickness4.8mm
KernelB31s medium smooth

Multi Planar Reconstruction (MPR)

Parallel Ranges:

  • Image thickness : 3.0mm
  • Number of images : 19

Non Contrast Bone

  • Coronal 
  • Sagittal
  • Axial

IV soft tissue 

  • Coronal 
  • Sagittal

Series of Images Send to PACS

  1. Topogram 0.6 T20f
  2. Sinus 1.0 H60s
  3. Sinus 1.0 H30s
  4. Sinus for IGS 1.0 H60s
  5. Sinus for IGS 1.0 H30s
  6. Sinus IV 1.0 H60s
  7. Sinus IV 1.0 H30s
  8. Sinus IV for IGS 1.0 H60s
  9. Sinus IV for IGS 1.0 H30s
  10. AXIAL Bone
  11. SAG Bone
  12. COR Bone
  13. COR ST
  14. SAG ST
  15. Patient Protocol

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