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Protocol Structure

Head Routine

  • Topogram
  • Non contrast
  • Contrast
  • Head IV


Topogram should be cover from vertex of skull to C1

Non Contrast

Adjust the ROI angle to align with Base of Skull

To reduce or avoid ocular lens exposure, the scan angle should be parallel to a line created by the supraorbital ridge and the inner table of the posterior margin of the foramen magnum

Reconstruction Non Contrast

 Recon 1Recon 2Recon 3Recon 4
NameHead 5.0 H31sHead 1.0 H31sHead 5.0 H60sHead 1.0 H60s
Slice Thickness5.0mm1.0mm5.0mm1.0mm
KernelH31s medium smoothH31s medium smoothH60s sharp FRH60s sharp FR


Non- Ionic Iodinated Contrast Media 300 mg I/ml Solution for injection/infusion

Injector Setting

Inject using hand bolus method through the IV line

Reconstruction Contrast

 Recon 1Recon 2
Slice Thickness5.0mm1.0mm
KernelH31s medium smoothH31s medium smooth
NameHead 5.0 H31sHead 1.0 H31s

Multi Planar Reconstruction (MPR)

If the reconstruction already symmetrical, no need to do another axial plane.

Series of Images Send to PACS

  1. Topogram 0.6 T20f
  2. Head 5.0 H31s 
  3. Head 1.0 H31s 
  4. Head 5.0 H60s 
  5. Head 1.0 H60s 
  6. Head IV 5.0 H31s
  7. Head IV 1.0 H31s
  8. Patient protocol

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