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Anatomy of Thorax, Abdomen and Pelvis

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Appearance of CT Brain Non Contrast Images

Examination Overview

Protocol Structure

Head Routine

  • Topogram
  • Non Contrast (vertex to the base of skull)


  • Position the patient in head first supine position.
  • Position the patient’s head inside the head rest with proper positioning to avoid rotation and tilting.
  • Align the patient in Mid-Sagittal plane of the table.
  • Position the transverse laser light beam at the top of the patient’s head to start the topogram.

Topogram Parameters

  • Topogram length: 256 mm
  • Slice: 0.6 mm
  • Scanning direction: Craniocoudal
  • Tube position: Lateral
  • Stop the topogram scanning when the scanning reach / pass over the base of skull.

Non Contrast

  • Plan the Scan FOV (SFOV) box at topogram image
  • Set the top line at the top of vertex.
  • Set the bottom line at the level of base of skull.
  • Ensure the lateral line to cover patient’s head outline.

Scanning Parameters

  • kV: 100 kV
  • mAs: Tube Current Modulation (TCM)
  • Scanning Direction: Craniocaudal
  • Scan Delay: 4 s
  • Slice: 5.0mm
  • Image Comment: Pre-Contrast
  • Pitch: 0.55
  • Quality Reference mAs : 230

Reconstruction of Brain Non Contrast

Recon 1Recon 2Recon 3Recon 4
NameHead 5.0 H31sHead 1.0 H31sHead 5.0 H60sHead 1.0 H60s
Slice Thickness5.0 mm1.0 mm5.0 mm1.0 mm
Increment5.0 mm0.8 mm5.0 mm0.8 mm
KernelB31s medium smoothB31s medium smoothH60s sharp FRH60s sharp FR

Multi Planar Reconstruction (MPR)

  1. Only required when poor positioning of patient’s head that causes rotation and tilting.

Series of Images Send to PACS

  1. Topogram
  2.  Head 5.0 B31s
  3. Head 1.0 B31s
  4. Head 5.0 B60s
  5. Head 1.0 B60s
  6. Patient Protocol

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